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Greetings from a former SR-guildy...

DanseMacabre · 1411


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on: January 17, 2021, 04:39:04 PM
Hello there! Yours truly is a blast from the past. I wss in SR back in the old days when Gaap was leader. Had a shit-tonne of fun raiding & gearing out my main. My toon’s name was Skurje.

If I recall correctly, we were on Permafrost server in EQ2 when I parted ways with SR. My ingame friendship with a gal in the guild turned into a RL fling. It eventually didn’t work out (which is usually how these things go), & I quit SR without much of an explanation. It was awkward & uncomfortable, & my departure with no reason upset everyone at the time.

Always felt bad about that ~ SR had become my gaming family but when you mix your gaming with affairs of the heart, everyone goes full fucktard sooner or later (as did I).

I got on with another raiding guild for a time but always felt heartache when I’d see my ex-fam from SR zooming through whichever zone we were hitting. I had such great memories & I don’t think you can ever have that same level of fierce devotion & loyalty to one another anywhere else like we had in SR.

Eventually, I got over my horrifying MMO addiction & quit gaming altogether. Had to make bank & pay bills, & camping mobs or random-spawn doodads for 3 sleepless days & nights that trigger quests for supersexy must-have gear had to become a happy memory. Weirdly enough, Sony gave me a lifetime ban after I made an ill-fated decision to return. I’d bought a new gaming computer & some fancy state-of-the-art $750 graphics card which was brand-spanking new, & apparently the driver didn’t jive with the game’s platform. I was banned & accused of somehow hacking the server so my toon could move faster than the game allowed (or some such thing). I honestly never quite understood what I supposedly was accused of having done & Sony’s customer service people were total asshats who wouldn’t explain it to me or let me appeal the ban. TBH I needed the bridge back to EQ burnt, otherwise I’d have slipped back into the addiction again LOL! But I did miss all my friends & was sad to never say proper goodbyes to my old SR fam.

Seeing Silent Redemption lives on makes me happy! From on old school SR member from days past, I wish you all great success, phat lootz, & buttloads of fuck-all fun makin sexy-sex talk with hawt toons!

Carry on.


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Reply #1 on: January 17, 2021, 04:54:30 PM
seems like a long time ago, some SR lifers may remember ya who still play, but SR now is for the most part the new generation =P it is however always neat to see oldies find their way back to say hi. Hope whomever you are / were is having a good time in Real Life =D


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Reply #2 on: February 17, 2021, 12:39:07 PM
Danse as in Danse and Kazdrina?