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Guild Loot Policy

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on: July 11, 2018, 05:20:48 PM
Raid Participation System

 The purpose of the RPP system is to provide a more objective method to distribute loot earned on Silent Redemption raids based on attendance which factors your 30 Day Attendance, 90 day attendance, RPP total.

 Our RPP system has a rolling decay. Raid payment and purchases older than 90 days will decay two percent per day till they become 140 days old. At that point their value is 0. This has successfully kept movement in awarding loot and prevented having to overcome an old RPP mountain.

I. Earning RPP

 Raid Participation Points (RPP) are earned by attending officer sanctioned Silent Redemption raiding events,  Primary raid days Sunday / Monday / Tuesday and possibility of extra days during a new expansion or limited time content, during farm, after an expansion is completed, we generally drop down to just Sunday / Monday raiding.

 RPP is earned on a raid time attended basis. The rate of RPP may change from expansion to expansion, and also depending on what the target is deemed. Raiding events, learning events, farming events, and back flagging events can all have different values. Leadership have final and ultimate discretion on all awarding of RPP.

 Every night a raid tracker will keep attendance. To begin earning credit you must send the tracker a tell when you arrive if you are not there at the posted starting time. Also if you leave early, or must take an extended AFK (10 minutes or longer), or have been Link Dead (10 minutes or longer), you will need to inform the Raid Leader and tracker that you are no longer available It is your own responsibility to keep up with your points. If you are missing from a raid you attended you will need to inform the raid tracker through a post on the RPP forum. In the case of any problems you may be asked to prove your attendence (screenshots).

 When raids become over-filled some members will be asked to sit. When sitting you will still accrue RPP however you must be available to rejoin the event at a moments notice. If you are asked to rejoin raid and don't respond quickly, You will be removed and checked out as of the last event. Everybody in the raid window will be eligible for loot in the proper loot order.

 Anyone who continually fails to check in and out when arriving late or leaving early, will receive 0 RPP for the night. Anyone who intentionally attempts to gain points they do not deserve will face penalties up to possible deguilding. Don't do it.

 If at any point you need an extended break from EQ or raiding for any period time, Be sure to inform Leadership or make a post under the Leave of Absence Section of the forums.

 Retired raiders are defined as anyone who has 0% attendance in 90 days without notifying Leadership. If a retired raider wishes to return to raiding, they must be Approved by Leadership before they can return to raiding..

II. Spending RPP.

 Items that drop on SR raids will all have a RPP cost assigned to them. Item values are based off of their stats, effects, and their overall utility. Visible armor loot is always sold at full price, except when looted by Approved Raid Box/Alt, Primary Alts.

 Whenever an item drops on a SR sanctioned raid the designated loot caller will start channels for each item to be awarded. They will announce these channels First at "Full Price", if zero interest it will move to "Upgrade", if zero interest it will move to "Primary Alt". if zero interest, the item is now rotting and casual members, Guests, Any Alt may go in on loot.

 No full member or applicant may win more than one item off of the same event unless no other full member of applicant need.

RPP exceptions:

 Some items will be distributed via an open bid process, such as augments, minimum price will be the price for a standard piece of loot at upgrade. Other items will be distributed by random roll, such as containers and have no RPP cost associated with them. Items that are 100% drop rate will sometimes be awarded by highest Current RPP.

 In the event that there are bonus items in a raid chest that drop from every single raid chest/event in a single Expansion, for example extra raid currency / tradeskill combinables or what ever EQ developers throw at us for future expansions. Leadership will determine the best and fairest way to distribute them based on the options within these policies.

III. Looting Priority / Upgrades / Alt Loot

Loot Score: sorts the RPP page by highest combination of your attendance and Current RPP ( IF(RPP>-2000,ROUND(SQRT(RPP+2000)*(30Day+90Day)/2,2),1) ). This is to give weight to attendance and RPP rather then just current RPP when distributing loot. With this loot score, loot will be awarded more consistently between all loot handlers and in a fastidious manner. Your loot score can be tracked here: RPP page

 The loot score will encourage raiders to spend their RPP wisely and to put more thought into their loot paths. It encourages and rewards higher attendance while still making RPP (your currency) important, which the entirety of the RPP system is based on.

 Show up, save/spend your RPP wisely. your loot score will go up.


1) Upgrade: ALL DROPPED whats considered Tier 1(Non-Tradeskill) will now begin at Upgrade highest loot score wins.
2) Primary Alt: you will be charged 12.5% +2. Approved Raid Box/Alt take Priority to ensure their capability and efficiency in guild utilization. awarded via /random try not to be greedy.

*NOTE: Priority on specific items such as Augmentations / Mounts / Special Class type Items due to utility / effect / benefit will be Full Member Priority before and above all else.

*NOTE: Items will become 100% rot at times during "Farm". When this happens, Loot handlers will award these out to guild members both in and out of raid to put the item to use rather then the destroy button/tribute.

*NOTE: You must be max level (within 5 levels) for the current expansion to be able to join the raid and loot an item (unless you are a full member or recruit, the expansion just launched and we are racing to complete it, obviously!), no, your heroic level 85 character cant join the raid to loot that rotting item.

- Spell Runes: Start of new expansion a List of Full Members will be generated at the end of each Beta, those who were 70% + attendance during beta will be at the top of the list. 4 main spell / ability lines will be assigned to all Full Members until all Full Members have their 4 main spell / abilities, once the list is cleared they will go to /random via channels to fill your spell book, no Limits at this point. Recruits / Returning Raiders will not be on this list until they have made Full Member and will be added to the botttom of spell rune lists as needed until they attain their 4 main spell lines

- Casual Members / Guests may only loot spells if 100% rotting 1 rune per week.

*NOTE: Casual Members/Guests: Casual Members may only win Items/Spells after all full members / applicants / primary alts, In some occasions at loot officer discretion may loot be appointed to a Casual Member before or while they are being awarded/Given to Primary Alts. Guests may only win loot if 100% rotting

*NOTE: In rare instances Officers may step in if warranted, with the approval of a majority of the officers online. This will mostly be done to protect the guild from gross abuses, or to handle some unforseen circumstance where "following the rules to the letter" would go against the spirit of what the rules are about and would be against what the majority of the guild would deem fair.

IV. Full Member, Primary Alts, Casual Member's, Guest's, Main Change's

Full Member - The raiders of Silent Redemption. These are the members that have proven themselves through the application process to be an asset to the Raid Force. They have priority in Roster, Loot, Achievement and seniority in our guild's direction.

Approved Raid Box/Alt - This title is reserved for characters that have been proven (or need to be proven to the Raid Leader and or Leadership) to be an asset and utilized by the raid without impeding our progress. These Characters will gain access to special loot in terms of achievements and Priority of loot At or Above Primary alt Loot Level and in some rare cases, above applicants. Under this policy you could in fact have two primary alts, the primary alt you want gear for and your Approved Raid Bot/Alt that we utilize for Guild Purposes. In some situations your Approved Raid box/Alt may already be your primary Alt, in other occasions you may not want to play your primary alt but have a box/alt that you prefer to utilize for the benefit of the Raid. primay example of this would be, your main is a Monk, your primary alt is a Berserker, but you also have a Cleric that your exceptional at playing. this would allow you to still gear your Berserker under the primary alt policy, but allow you to play the cleric for the benefit of the raid. Under this policy Approved Raid Box/alts will be allowed to join the raid to assist in a smooth raid night, but only if given the ok by Leadership provided there is room in the Raid/DZ. your Approved Raid Box/Alt must be max level and wear the Silent Redemption guild tag

Primary Alt - Every full member has the option to designate one alt character, under this post in the Member section, to loot items that no mains need and would otherwise be rotting, this is a perk of being a Full Member. Recruits and any other rank will not be allowed to designate a Primary Alt until they have passed the application period and successfully become a full member. When looting, Primary Alts use their Main's RPP. You may change your Primary alt for looting, once per expansion year. your Primary Alt must be Max level (within 5 levels) for the current expansion and have the Silent Redemption guild tag.

Applicants (Recruits) - Applicants are players that want to be full members of Silent Redemption. They are here to prove themselves to us that they can be a reliable asset to our raiding roster. An applicants main priority is not loot or spells. Their priority is to show us what they can do with what they have. yes! you will get loot during your app period, sometimes by the truck load.

Main Changes - Main changes are allowed. Only If there is an opening for the designated class and only if your current class is covered. If your were asked/Instructed by Leadership to main change for the betterment of the raid force, 100% of your RPP will be swapped from your current main to your new main. Main changes are only allowed if its suitable for the raid. for example if we have 10 necromancers, you cannot main change from your cleric to a necromancer. If you fail to perform at your new main you will be asked to improve by a set date decided at the time by Leadership, or risk being told to return to your previous main. Anyone who wants to main change of their own accord, 0% of your RPP will be transferred to the new main. No Main changing during progression unless requested by Leadership.

Casual Member- These members are Family, Friends, Raiders who's classes are filled but want to eventually participate or people who are unable to commit to our attendance/skill level on a consistent basis. Casual Members will provide a community for Silent Redemption Raider's during non-raid hours and Contribute to the bench for raiding when applicable. Casual Members will only be able join the Raid/DZ if there is room and the Raid Leader deems they are competent enough at A. using GINA and B. wont be a detriment to the raid. Not just any casual member can participate. they will be held to the same standards as an applicant. Casual Members may only loot items after Full Members / Primary Alts / Recruits. please refer to Section V for oddities.

Guest Raiders - from time to time we may have guest raiders. these guest raiders are friends/family/people from the servers community. they may want to see how we do things, or they may just wanna test the waters. these Guest Raiders may only participate if:
1. They are approved by Leadership
2. Must use GINA
3. There are openings in the raid
4. Not be a detriment to the raid
5. May only loot an item if 100% rotting,

V. Officer Discretion

Officers reserve the right to change the rpp system at any time. This includes but is not limited to changing rpp intake values, any item values, and looting priorities.

Officers also reserve the right to assign loot to certain classes first. An example of this would be Two-Handed Weapons to Berserker's, daggers to rogue's, or bows to ranger's.

--- Officer Intervention ---

Officers will have the choice to intervene as they see fit. This is not to be a normal thing, more to prevent loot from going places that it shouldn't. There have been some abuses in the past, this ability to intervene is meant to control those abuses that you can't write rules for. The RPP system was meant for people to police themselves and be honorable. But since sometimes people cannot do that we may be forced to step in and take control at times.

30 / 90 day and RPP totals will play a huge factor in any decision made, along with what upgrade is being made, and also what that item may do for certain classes.

No officer may ever win an item from this ruling. Also it takes a 100% agreement from all officers online to override any loot that would normally be handed out via RPP.

This is not an attempt to screw anyone, or to deck out certain people due to their relationships with whomever it may concern. It is an attempt to cover situations that are not acceptable to the guild overall but can't be handled with out making an insane amount of restrictive rules.
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Reply #1 on: December 21, 2018, 03:21:46 AM
Loot Pricing:

Current Content(expansion):

Visible's (Armor) = 180 RPP

Non-Visible's (Rings, Ears, Face, Back, Shoulder, Charm, waist) =  180 RPP

Weapons, Shields and Range items = 180 RPP

Bags = 180 RPP

Spells = Assigned until all full members have their 4 main spell / ability lines on level increase expansions. - 180 RPP no limits otherwise

Mounts = 720 RPP

Augmentations = 720 RPP

Tradeskill Items = Varies depending on Drop rates / Count / Importance
Ring of Scale - 2x Flawless Conflagrant Diamonds = 180 RPP
The Burning Lands - 1x Exultant Inhabited Muhbis  = 1000 RPP
Torment of Velious - 1x Diamondized Velium Ore Nugget = 1000 RPP first 6 months, 720 RPP when 2 begin to drop.

Claws of Veeshan - Bricks = 1000 RPP first 6 months, 720  RPP when 2 begin to drop.
1 Brick will be assigned to all full members initially for Weapon/Focus Creation

Old Content(expansion):

All loot is 180 RPP and in most cases FFA will be announced at time of loot distribution

Exception is specific items such as ultra rare / chase / important items which will follow / maintain their distribution paths (/random, loot score, highest RPP ect)
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