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Found this guild on EQplayers site, have some questions

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I used to play EQ back during LDoN days and OoW heavily, took a very extended break and I am back and looking for a social/ friendly guild with the possibility of raids once I am leveled up and geared up. Right now, I am home quite a bit and wanting to get back into the days of EQ leveling but I am in need of a guild with some people who are actually social, and might point me in the direction of a decent zone to level in, etc. I had dreams back during the LDoN days of hopefully seeing PoP content and some I did get to see, certain things I didn't get the chance (Xegony, Quarm,Terris) but I know that stuff is trivial now. If there is a spot for me, I am friendly and at one point knew the lore of the game like I knew my ABC's. I do miss Norrath from my original EQ days, and things are completely different now. However, I have always remembered one thing about Everquest which was mature people. I am not a person you follow in this game, always got lost even with maps and had an occasional train to zone when my invis would fail but all in all I am not a person that needs their hand held through this game. I just need a group of people that might want another casual at the moment but raiding in the near future magician. I do have a 71 cleric, my husbands paladin because at one time we shared the account when we only had one PC. That was ages ago. Thanks for reading! I am Darkeowyn in game!


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Reply #1 on: July 23, 2018, 07:51:29 PM
Greetings Darkeowyn,
 I'm excited to see your interested in our casual membership. However there is a few guidelines for becoming a casual member, they are simple but set in stone. One, you must be at least level 85 we prefer 105+. Two, you should get to know someone within the guild generally by chatting or grouping with in game this is the preferred method as it acts kind of like a screen so we are not tagging some random crazy person who will cause issues within guild chat or against our members.

 Appreciate the brief history, boy have you been gone a long time! things sure have changed since those days for sure! being a casual member its not expected you be the top 1% of player skill. but if your looking to be a casual raider there are some requirements. One, You must be max level (currently 110). Two, you must use Gina and be able to follow emotes. Three, its not expected you have high game play skill, but it is expected, of a casual member who raids to at least know their class's main role.

 My advice show us some minor effort, get to 85, if your level 71, i suggest playing around Wall of slaughter or visiting Franklin Teek in pok and finding the level 60 thru 70 hot zones to get your baring's again on your class and general game play while getting some xp =D

 Also, Feel free to send me a tell in game, if you do, and I dont respond its most likely Im at work, and will try to respond as soon as Im home.


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Reply #2 on: July 23, 2018, 08:51:03 PM
Hit me up for some leveling help, I can answer any questions you may have, and give you a clear indication of the jackassery you'll be subjecting yourself to