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Requirements and Application

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Requirements and Application
« on: October 10, 2018, 09:30:10 AM »
Silent Redemption raids on the Cazic-Thule server.

Guild Leader: Lisard
Recruitment Officer: Ikira
Raid Leaders: Oruatyrim, Scornfire
Officers: Spiffy, Ranonman

Available Classes

Enchanter is open!
Cleric is open!

And as always, all classes open to exceptional people!

Level 110
Max or near max AA for your class
Essense of the Dragon I
Scaled Key
TBL Group Gear or better
Ability to Shrink
Ability to Gate
Ability to Invis
All Maps
Own all expansions and will pre-order all future expansions
Must have a reliable connection

Please respect guild members and you will earn our respect. We have an excellent reputation.

How It works?
Our app process is approximately 8 raid nights (4 weeks). You will be evaluated by the guild and either voted in as a FULL member or extended for further evaluation.

We are a RPP (Raid Participation Points, known elsewhere as DKP) based loot guild. As a recruit, items are available but your priority to loot will almost always be behind that of a full member. This won't always be true though as we use a decay system that removes both earned and spent RPP over time. Thus it truly is the more you raid the more you earn! Full information is available under the "Guild Rules" link

We use voice chat ( Discord ) during raids, however we also go over everything in game pre-event. Using voice chat is not required at this time, but it is strongly recommended you join to listen during raids and be able to hear some commands raid leaders give only in Discord. There is also the ability to join while not in game to socialize as well as stay informed of upcoming events.

Raid Schedule
Sundays begin at 6pm and weekdays begin at 7:30pm. Closing time is usually at 11:00pm although on occasion we go later. This is in Eastern Standard Time. You are required to attend raids when you are online.

Casual Players
If you are unable to meet any of the requirements or schedule above, you are most welcome to join us as a Casual player. You will have an opportunity to build your character with us and you may apply for a raider position later (if class position is open). Reach out to any Officer or Class Leader for details.

If you think you have what it takes to raid with us, please fill out our Application Form

Contact cazic.ikira, cazic.lisard or cazic.scornfire for more information or questions!
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